Reviewer & Chronicler

  • From September 2006 to April 2007, chief editor of CHANTER, magazine of the l'Alliance des chorales du Québec, Québec's choir association.
  • From September 2004 to May 2007, chronicler at L'entremuse, World Music radio program anchored by Yves Bernard, at Montreal's CIBL-FM 101,5 radio station.
  • Since March 2003, reviewer of CD of world classical music for the classical music magazine The Scena Musicale, in Montréal.
  • Since February 2005, the magazine presents a full page on World Musics. Interviews, discussions on ethnomusicological topics.
  • From December 2000 to October 2002, reviewer for the All Music Guide, a Web site on music of all kinds and all sources. Reviewed CD of world music, from Bali to Siberia, from Middle-East to East of Europe. I have more than 250 reviews of CDs currently on-line, as well as articles (see the list below).
  • From March to October 2003, chronicler for French Canadian Web site Present first 4 original chronicles on music and mathematics.
  • From 1999 to 2004, book reviewer for the Journal of Consciousness Studies.
  • Since 2005, book and CD reviewer for the German ethnomusicological journal The World of Music.


You will find below a list of articles published by Bruno Deschênes on the Internet. Most of them have been published in English, but some are in French.

Bruno Deschênes has also music scores of Japanese music available on-line (see below).

Japanese Music

Music of Other Cultures

Articles on Sociology of Music and other topics Web Site

La Scena Musicale

  • Version 3.0 of Sibelius. La Scena Musicale Web Site (Decembre 2003/January 2004) (all articles are also available in print).
  • Where East Meets West: Contemporary Chinese Music. La Scena Musicale Web Site (February 2004).
  • Chinese Composer Tan Dun Fuses Old and New. La Scena Musicale Web Site (February 2004).
  • Arab Music. La Scena Musicale Web Site (October 2004).
  • New Chronicle on World Music. Introductory article (February 2005).
  • Zeugma, interview with the Artistic Director, Katia Makdissi-Warren, of this Middle-Eastern group based in Québec (March 2005).
  • You know, World Music is Music. Interview with Liette Gauthier, Artistic Director and Founder of Festival Musique MultiMontréal (April 2005).
  • Inuit Throat-Singing. Article Inuit Inuit throat-singing. (May 2005).
  • Mondial des cultures de Drummondville. Presentation of this international Fold Festival (June 2005).
  • José Évangelista. Interview with this contemporary Quebec composer of Spanish origin (July-August 2005).
  • Modernising Traditions. Article on the dilemna between tradition and modernity (September 2005).
  • The Montreal Festival of the Arab World. Interview with Joseph Nhaklé, the Artistic Director of the festival (October 2005).
  • Zakir Hussain. Interview with the World Reknown Indian tabla player Zakir Hussain, during his vist at the 2005 Montréal Jazz Festival (November 2005).
  • Copyrights in World Music. Article on the respect, or more specifically the last of respect of copyrights in regards to World music (December 2005-January 2006).
  • Musiques et cultures: 3e volume de Musiques, Une encyclopédie pour le XXIe siècle, directed by Jean-Jacques Nattiez. Interview with Jean-Jacques Nattiez, presenting the third volume of this 5-volume French and Italian encyclopedie (February 2006).
  • Kiya Tabassian. Interview with this talented Iranian musician now living in Montreal with his brother, about their new CD of traditional and modern Iranian music (March 2006).
  • Jeunes musiciens du monde (Musicians of the World). Interview with one of the founder of this aid organization, which is now an international one (April 2006).
  • Festival Accès Asie. Interview with Janet Lumb, founder of this festival which is now at his 11th edition (May 2006).
  • Yoshio Kurahashi. Interview with this Japanese shakuhachi master, the shakuhachi being this well-known Japanese bamboo flute. This interview was done following a concert in gave in Ottawa on January 7, 2007 (June 2006).
  • Festival Musique et mémoires. Interview with the artistic director of that French Canadian traditional music festival of Joliette, Québec (July-August 2006).

Other Sites

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Scores Available On-Line

Bruno Deschênes has also arranged traditional Japanese pieces for diverse Western instruments. Some can be found on the following Web site: He currently has available the following pieces:

  • Kuroda Bushi, samourai song, for 2 flutes or 2 shakuhachis. Free.
  • Harusame (Spring Rain), geisha song, arranged for 2 flutes (or 2 shakuhachis) and 2 cellos (or 2 guitars). Cost: $3.95 US.
  • Sato No Aki (Fall in the Countryside), folksong, for flute and guitar. Free.
  • Rokudan No Shirabe (Piece in six parts), piece from the classical Japanese chamber music repertoire, originally for koto, shakuhachi and shamisen. Original arrangement for string quartet. Cost: $5.95 US.
  • Sado Okesa & Soran Bushi. Arrangement of two folk songs for shakuhachi and shinobue (or 2 flutes). Free.
  • Okinawa Songs. Arrangement of 5 songs from the island of Okinawa. The arrangement is for flute, violin and cello. Cost: $3.95.

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